Saturday October 21 , 2017
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OCPR offers strategic media relations with the international press in both Brussels and across Europe. We also provide drafting services for various  trade associations, the European Commission and blue chip companies. OCPR regularly approaches traditional media outlets as well as new media to get its clients' messages across. Specialty areas include healthcare, environment and corporate communications.

OCPR was set up in November 2008 by Tom O'Connell who has over ten years of experience working in the PR arena with the likes of Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide and Edelman in both Brussels and Dublin. This experience has instilled in him a solid understanding of the EU-27 media landscapes. More recently, OCPR has also been reaching out to the United States, China and Australia via new media channels.


Our Services

We offer the following services. Contact us today and find out how OCPR can help you get your message across through our media relations, copywriting or our network.

OCPR Media Relations

OCPR has excellent contacts with the Brussels Press Corps and regularly secures quality media coverage for their clients when required. The company takes a targeted and strategic approach, offering one-on-one interviews as well as meet and greets between its clients and key media.

OCPR also links with goings on at the European Institutions in order to generate coverage and is therefore constantly on the look out for client stories that fit the policy agenda.

When holding a press conference, we believe that location is crucial for securing media attendance. In Brussels for example, we would  advise against holding a media event outside of the European quarter – quality journalists rarely have the time to travel lengthy distances.

OCPR Copywriting Services

All too often, companies and associations issue media materials that are at best confusing; at worst incomprehensible. OCPR regularly transforms complex information into digestible texts for the masses.

This has never been so important in a city such as Brussels, where media receive a myriad of press releases on technical issues each day. We ensure that our clients' media materials get picked up by using relevant headlines and content.

OCPR Network

Knowing many respected and experienced PR people across Europe means OCPR can offer a network of experts to clients that wish to communicate across borders. We feel that this is a win-win situation for the client who will benefit from the services of seasoned professionals.

OCPR has been quick to embrace graphic design and online communications. OCPR regularly calls on the services of PelicanDream to complement a media campaign with an arresting design element, website, blog or other interactive tool.

Client Testimonials

"Thanks for your help with the network support. That was a real boost and helped us gain a new client." Malcolm Ridge, Marketing Director, Albert Square Ltd

"OCPR organised a press conference on the eve of European Minerals Day that resulted in top tier coverage in Brussels and across the European Union." Amina Langedijk, Senior Adviser Communications, IMA-Europe aisbl

"OCPR knows the workings of the European Institutions and can put our clients in contact with key MEPs, Commission officials and civil society groups influencing the EU." Mark Chataway, Co-Chairman, Baird's CMC Ltd

"OCPR has encouraged Eucomed to explore new media channels, allowing our messages to resonate across Europe and beyond..." Mark Grossien, Director Communication & External Affairs
, Eucomed

"OCPR has drafted a range of texts for our clients, including DG's of the European Commission, providing clear, original and cogent copy that resonates with our clients and the public at large." Nicola Davenport, Chief Editor, INTRASOFT Intl.

Our Clients

European Minerals Day IMA Europe EUCOMED Bairds Intrasoft International Tobacco Free Europe Albert Square LTD European Commission